Our Story


Our Story

Beclabito Chapter is located on US Hwy 64 – 4 miles east of the Arizona border, and 18 miles west of Shiprock and US Hwy 491. The main formations in the area include the Beclabito Dome with its colorful red rocks of Entrada Sandstone and the Carrizo Mountains. A Member of the Beclabito Chapter related the story as how the community got its name:

“…A gentleman by the name of “Bit’laah” settled close to a water source, now where the Day School is situated. Since he lived near the watering site, neighbors considered the water to belong to him. After his death, the area became known as “Bit’laah Bito”. “Bit’laah” means under or beneath; “bi” means possessively his and “to” means water.

“Servicing the Governmental Needs of the Beclabito Chapter Residents.”

Navajo Nation Information -> https://www.navajo-nsn.gov/

Navajo Nation Division of Community Development -> http://www.nndcd.org 

Navajo Nation Design and Engineering Services -> http://www.nndes.org

Navajo Nation Capital Project Management Department ->http://cpmd.nndcd.org

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Chapter President

Melissa Kelly

Chapter Vice-President

Hazel J. Sherman

Chapter Sec./Treasurer

Susie A. John

Grazing Official

Renita Anderson

Council Delegate

Amber Kanazbah Crotty

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CLUPC Members

CLUP C- President

Isabelle George

CLUP C -Vice President

Daisy Smith




Chris Bekis

Christopher Francis



Chapter Manager

Ronald M. Jones

Administrative Assistant



The Beclabito Chapter, Navajo Nation Local Government’s, mission is to provide the best quality service attainable with the available resources which will facilitate econmic opportunity, self-sufficiency and enhance the quality of life for the Navajo people in Beclabito Community. 


We want to see Beclabito Community, as the the best place to live where all the people are willing to participate and provide input in planning and operation of the Local Government programs.